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Years Younger: Six Secrets to Healthy Aging

With countless celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Chris Pine, and Jennifer Anniston appearing to have halted the aging process, it is no surprise that ordinary people are searching for this same fountain of youth. Fortunately, whether a celebrity or not, any person can achieve more youthful skin and a slower aging process. Read on to learn more about six secrets to healthier aging.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated allows the body to clear toxins and helps keep skin moisturized and supple. Make sure you are getting at least a few glasses in a day. Higher elevations might require you to drink more.


In order to maintain resilient, smooth skin, moisture is key. Maintain skin’s moisture levels by applying lotion or oils each day. If you have problem areas, have a dermatologist recommend a stronger lotion to help remedy the situation.


Regular exercise results in increased overall health and may also contribute to younger looking skin. Keep up your fitness daily and hold yourself accountable for when you skip a day.

Prioritize Sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role in helping the body restore and repair itself. A good night of sleep also increases your ability to fight cravings for junk food and your metabolism.

Avoid Sugar

Quite possibly the number one enemy of staying young, both in terms of appearance and physicality is sugar. Consuming white sugar is linked to a host of detrimental diseases as well as a rapid increase in the rate of skin aging. When consumed, sugar binds to protein molecules and makes them stiff and rigid. You can indulge every now and then, but don’t binge on sugary snacks.

Proper Nutrition

Consuming the right foods plays a key role in preventing aging and supporting healthy, supple skin. With the right nutrients, the body is better able to regenerate itself as well as fight off free radicals that lead to sagging skin, health ailments, and diseases. says that while not all diseases in old age can be prevented, most that can are easy to treat. There are several essential foods to incorporate as part of your diet including:

Omega 3’s – Found in salmon, sardines, and flax seeds. Omega 3’s fight inflammation and help keep skin smooth and moisturized from the inside out.

Protein – Found in eggs, high-quality meat and fish, and Greek yogurt – Protein is an essential building block of every cell in the body. Adequate protein helps the skin repair itself and maintain youthful contours.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants – Found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds – A colorful diet full of fruits and vegetables will assist the skin in protecting itself and maintaining its youthful texture.

Essential Fatty Acids – Found in coconut oil, avocado, and nut butter, fat is Important for keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized.

All in all, getting older does not need to mean getting unhealthier. By following the steps above, the aging process can be graceful and even enjoyable.

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